THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Commissaries’ dietitian-approved recipes offer patrons quick, nutritious, economical meal ideas

DVIDS – News – Think outside the box: Dietitian-approved recipes offer commissioners quick, nutritious, and economical meal ideas

Written by Cathy Meili, Public Affairs Specialist at DeCA

Fort Lee, Virginia – Thinking outside the box, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the exploration of creative and unusual ideas, unconstrained by rules or tradition. That’s exactly what the “think outside the box” prescriptions from the Defense Commissioner’s Agency do.

Usually, when choosing recipes to prepare at home, they may be quick and economical but not healthy, or healthy and economical but not quick. DeCA’s Thinking Outside the Box recipes offer all three features.

“Preparing nutritious food at home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive,” said Deborah Harris, RD, Dietitian and Director of the Health and Wellness Program at DeCA (Master of Public Health, Registered Dietitian, and Diabetes Care and Education Specialist).

“These recipes, found on, offer fast, healthy meal solutions designed to always save money.”

Every two weeks, a new recipe, “Thinking Outside the Box,” is featured in the pool’s sales flyer highlighting the special-priced ingredients in your store. These recipes feature key nutrients and are always in line with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans so you can be sure they are healthy and economical.

To make online shopping easier for our customers, all the ingredients of our featured ‘Think Out of the Box’ recipe can be added to their online shopping cart with a single click.

“Think Outside the Box” recipes ( can always be accessed at under the Healthy Living tab. This library features quick, easy, nutritionist-approved recipes for appetizers, appetizers, salads, side dishes, and even desserts. As you choose your recipes for the week, visit the Healthy Habits and Resources tabs to learn about meal nutrition, increase the value of your food, use leftovers and set nutrition goals.

To get you started planning your meals thinking outside the box, DeCA has prepared a handbook, available for download at, that includes tips from our dietitian, a list of recipe substitutions to make your recipes more nutritious, and a list of our recipes for thinking outside the box with a close-up introduction to some of our favorites.

“The best way to improve the nutritional quality of your diet is to cook more meals at home, which limits the number of times you choose food prepared outside the home, allowing you to control the nutritional quality of ingredients and portion size.” Harris said.

“Incorporating ‘think outside the box’ recipes along with the other dietitian approved recipes featured on in your weekly menu plan will have positive effects on your waistline and wallet,” she added. “And don’t forget to try Commissary Click2Go ( Building your basket of nutritionist-approved recipe ingredients is just a click away.”

About DeCA: The Defense Commissioner Agency operates a global chain of commissioners that provide groceries to military and retired personnel and their families in a safe and secure shopping environment. The commissioners provide a military benefit, saving authorized recipients thousands of dollars a year on their purchases compared to similar products at commercial retailers. The reduced rates include a surcharge of 5 percent, which covers the costs of building new commissions and upgrading existing ones. An essential component of military family support, and an important part of military pay and benefits, commissioners contribute to family readiness, enhance the quality of life for the U.S. military and their families, and help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women for their service. country.

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