Do you suffer from gestational diabetes during pregnancy?  The diet suggested by Debina Bonerjee may help

Do you suffer from gestational diabetes during pregnancy? The diet suggested by Debina Bonerjee may help

Mom-to-be Debina Bonnerjee recently opened up about her positive gestational diabetes test. While healthy eating is very important during pregnancy, the TV personality has made eating clean by adjusting her diet to not only satiate pregnancy cravings but also to add proper nutrition to her body. Fortunately, adjusting her diet brought her gestational diabetes level to the normal range. In a new YouTube video, Debina breaks down her modified diet. Do you suffer from the same problem? Here is the diet you can follow.

Depina Bonnerjee’s pregnancy diet

morning drink

Debina Bonnerjee starts her day with a cup of butter coffee. Although it is advised against caffeine intake by pregnant ladies, the actress explains that she only kept to one cup throughout the day. Since her morning drink is topped with a teaspoon of ghee, it helps her control diabetes and metabolism, thus preventing any constipation issues. She explained, “Yes, caffeine shouldn’t be taken during this time and it’s also found in chocolate and a lot of sodas, except for coffee. I kept my coffee limited to just one cup, that’s also in the morning. Drinking this butter coffee first thing in the morning keeps on my metabolism and I don’t get constipated with this because a teaspoon of ghee coats and greases the lining of my stomach and intestines. That’s why I’ve never been constipated during my entire pregnancy journey. After that cup of coffee, I don’t have any caffeine throughout the day.”


Besides her morning drink, Debina had a protein-packed breakfast consisting of two whole eggs and about a quarter of an avocado. She also likes to eat gluten-free bread if available, while she prefers two rice cakes. “This group is a great source of protein. Doctors advise you to have plenty of protein in your diet. I think instead of eating anything that is synthetically made, if you eat natural forms of protein, that will be better.”

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Before meal craving for food

Dipina usually eats breakfast by 8 am, and then feels hungry again around 10-11. To curb these cravings, prefer eating one apple or a pomegranate. According to the actress, her doctors told her to avoid other fruits such as oranges and bananas.


The actress also advised to avoid the rice she usually follows, however she sometimes consumes it in small amounts. Apart from this, greens, leafy greens and fresh salad are what complement her lunch. I continued. “Any vegetables I eat – whether it’s spinach, mixed vegetables, etc. – I have 200g of fish along with that. Besides, you can have any salad you want – cucumber salad, beetroot salad, etc. And the more salad you eat, the better your health will be.” your gut and you won’t have constipation issues.”

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Craving an afternoon snack

To quell her craving for an afternoon snack, Bonnerjee once again consumes either an apple or a pomegranate.

Evening snack

Bonnerjee has her evening snack around 5 pm every day. According to her, this is the time when she fulfills her food cravings. Earlier she used to eat burgers, pizza and sandwiches but recently changed it to Sukha Bel. Explaining why, Bonerjee said, “Because the bloating decreases in size in the stomach after eating, the feeling of having eaten for a long time tells our brain that we have eaten too much. You will not feel hungry for some time.”


Last but not least, Bonnerjee makes her finish her dinner by 7.30-8. It usually consists of soup. It consists of pumpkin soup, clear vegetable soup on a vegetarian day, or clear chicken soup. On days when I eat non-vegetarian food, I also eat 200g of fish or some properly cooked vegetables. On days when I don’t eat vegetables, I eat moong dal ka cheela.”

Debina Bonerjee is expecting her second child with her husband Gurmit Chowdhury.

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