Diet tracking system to inform public health in Malaysia: Monash University

Diet tracking system to inform public health in Malaysia: Monash University

Monash University has launched a new project designed to help obtain food consumption data with the aim of informing and promoting public health and nutrition policy in Malaysia.

intake 24 It is an open source online tool used to record dietary intake information. The system was originally developed in the United Kingdom for Food Standards in Scotland by a human-computer interaction expert. Professor Patrick Oliver and nutrition researcher Dr. Emma Foster of Monash University.

According to Monash University, traditional methods of collecting dietary data for research rely on pen-and-paper-based methods followed by interviewer-led surveys, and these methods are resource-intensive in terms of time, costs, and burden for participants.

Professor Olivier, director of the Monash University Labor Lab, said Intake24 is a technology-based alternative to capturing food consumption data from participants, and the web-based food retrieval tool includes a comprehensive food menu linked to food composition data and food portion size. Pictures.

The entire registration process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, and the nutritional composition of the participant’s food consumption can be downloaded once the data is submitted.

“This project will develop Intake24 for use in Malaysia including translation into Malay, Mandarin and Tamil, adding foods to the database to cover a variety of ingredients and dishes consumed in the region, food images for portion size estimation of regional foods and links to food composition data,” he said. Dr. Foster.

The Intake24 Malaysia project, led by Monash University Malaysia (MUM), is a collaboration between researchers from MUM, Monash University’s Action Laboratory, and experts from the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge.

Nutrition Scientist & Project Leader Amotha Ramadas From MUM he said the country is seeing a growing trend in diet-related non-communicable diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and heart and metabolic diseases.

“Developing effective interventions for these conditions requires us to understand the diet of a particular population. The Intake24 program will allow for more accurate capture of nutritional data and help better inform public health policies in Malaysia,” said Dr. Ramadas.

The researchers plan to develop Intake24 Malaysia by 2023 and start capturing data from participants in Malaysia by 2024.

Vice President of Provisional MUM University and President Professor Matthew Nicholson Intake24 said Malaysia would collect data to improve public health through better monitoring, as well as develop measures and research systems that compare the nutritional intake of Malaysians with Malaysian dietary guidelines.

“By doing so, Monash University Malaysia will create the foundation for future research into diet and nutrition in Malaysia and the region.”

Intake24 is currently used by the UK Department of Health in the National Diet and Nutrition Survey and has been adapted and developed for many other countries including the UAE, Portugal, Denmark and South Asia – and in Australia, it will be used in the upcoming National Diet and Physical Activity Survey in January 2023.

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