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Diet tips for the festive season and how to enjoy it without feeling guilty

Festivals are just around the corner and no festival is complete without fine food and culinary delights. But indulging in festive foods doesn’t pass without guilt.

So, here we give you tips on diet and how to plan your celebrations with family and friends and also enjoy the favorite foods you crave all year long, without feeling guilty and worried about your health. But, yes! There is of course a rider…too much of everything is bad too.

Diet tips for the festive season and how to enjoy it without feeling guilty

Diet tips:

says Simran Valecha, fitness expert“It’s hard to completely avoid oil and sugar during the holiday season, and restricting yourself will only cause you to overindulge in them later.”

“So what one should do is follow portion control and enjoy sugar and sweets without feeling guilty.”

She added, “Let’s change the narrative from ‘I can’t eat sweets during the holiday season’ to ‘I enjoy sweets this holiday season.’ When you stop restricting yourself and eating as much as your body needs, you will stop feeling the need to control your portions.”

Says Anju Valecha, certified nutritionistAnd the “Prepare home food and order it from home cooks and home bakeries to monitor the quantity and quality of the oil.”

“Try to move your body daily to make sure you don’t create a calorie surplus when eating a lot of sweets and oils. Instead of finding sugar substitutes and using honey and jaggery (which are good for health), enjoy regular sugar in smaller amounts because all alternatives contain the same amount of calories. Thermal but is processed differently.”

“Likewise for oil and butter, cook your food in A2 Ghee, which has more nutrients than regular butter or oil and the same calories!”

It also discusses how stressing food will definitely lead to weight gain and impair your mental health.

Samriddhi Goel, Nutrition and Fitness Expert says, “If you keep in reasonable shape or go on a diet and exercise regularly and are a little afraid of the effect the festivities will have on your weight or shape, I would ask you to take a very practical approach and not be afraid to have fun. However, when I say that, it is very important that you learn The word “limit.”

She further stated that she gave the following advice:

  • Plan your day before heading out to a party. This does not mean that you starve yourself during the day because that way you will end up overeating at night. Make sure you eat your regular meals during the day and don’t go to the party on an empty stomach. Eat soup or salad before you go out, this will help your brain make the right decisions regarding what you should eat and what you can avoid at the restaurant or party.
  • Prioritize what you want to eat. Start with fibers like salads or stir-fried vegetables that will keep you full and last for quite some time. Then you can eat protein, such as paneer, tofu, chicken or fish as an appetizer. This will also help you mingle better with all the guests and not feel left out. This is a very important aspect as people find it embarrassing to invite those who don’t eat anything and the hosts are out of options.
  • Finally, go ahead and indulge in a piece of ‘mithai’ or ‘candy’. My suggestion is to always save those extra calories for something you haven’t tried before. Don’t waste your calorie count on a bowl of peanuts or a few chips. Set priorities and choose wisely. Indulge but limit your portions.
  • Another important point to note is, the next day don’t go on a hard diet or detox, but go for a workout or ring the bell for a walk to burn off those calories you ate the night before.

Fitness tips:

Simran also mentioned his son’s tips for maintaining our weight:

5 tips to avoid gaining weight this holiday season:

1. Move your body every 90 minutes
2. Exercise for an hour 4-5 times a week – even if it’s walking!
3. Keep portion control: Divide your plate into 4 portions – salad, cooked greens, carbs, and protein
4. Don’t limit yourself all day and then eat whatever you see at night – eat in moderation throughout the day
5. Stick to your routine and eat at the same time every day – if you have a dinner party at 10 and you usually eat dinner at 8, have a light dinner at 8 and head to the party
6. Don’t complicate your training by trying different things you see on the gram, follow your structured routine with compound core movements – check out my free workout plan if you’re looking for a structured workout plan

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