CRN reveals survey data from the 2022 Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements

CRN reveals survey data from the 2022 Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements

Washington – (work wire) — The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the nutritional supplement and functional food industry, today revealed preliminary results from its 2022 consumer survey on nutritional supplements.

The main findings of the survey show that supplement use has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Overall, three-quarters of Americans reported using dietary or nutritional supplements. The vast majority of supplement users are still regular users.

“This year’s data shows an impressive picture of continuity and paints the overall landscape of a vibrant industry,” said Brian Womack, CRN’s senior vice president of communications. “While overall use has fallen slightly from the peak of the epidemic, reported use of immune-boosting supplements – including vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc – is consistent compared to last year.”

COVID-19 is no longer high on the minds of many consumers. About half (49%) of dietary supplement users have reported changing their use of supplements since the beginning of the pandemic, which is stable compared to 2021. Specifically looking at whether they added new supplements or increased their doses, two-thirds of supplement users reported doing so, slightly less than the year before. Past.

Changes in supplement use occurred across age groups and genders, but declines are most pronounced among low-income Americans and among white Americans and Hispanic Americans. Use of dietary supplements remains higher among women, the elderly, and those with more education and/or those with higher household incomes.

New this year is an increase in the use of specialized supplements. More than half (52%) of consumers who take the supplement report that they take a proprietary supplement, the most popular of which are omega-3s, probiotics, melatonin, and fiber.

Still King is among supplement users, with 70% reporting they have taken a multivitamin within the past 12 months. Sports and nutrition supplements have seen a significant increase in use since last year, up five points to 39%.

Confidence in nutritional supplements remains high as well. More than three-quarters of Americans (77%) find the industry to be trustworthy. This number is even higher among supplement users, at 84%.

When asked about their top motivation for taking supplements, Americans’ top responses are to “stay healthy” and “live healthier/adopt healthy habits.” “This answer is not surprising,” Womack said. “Data consistently shows that supplement users are more likely to report engaging in healthy behaviors such as exercising, eating a balanced diet, seeing a doctor regularly, and getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.”

The CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements has been conducted annually since 2000, and serves as the leading resource for statistics on dietary supplement use. The survey was conducted online August 9-12, 2022, among 3,133 US adults aged 18 and over, including 2,342 adults who reported taking dietary supplements seasonally, occasionally, or regularly.

For the second year in a row, this year’s survey includes redundant samples of black, Hispanic, and Asian/Pacific Islander participants to ensure large sample sizes of complementary color users to provide deep insights into groups’ motivations, attitudes, and buying habits. The complete set of consumer survey data is Available to buy By both CRN members and non-members.

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