CP Foods unveils three new strategies for business sustainability

CP Foods unveils three new strategies for business sustainability

CP Foods is one of the world’s largest food and beverage conglomerates, and in recent years has significantly enhanced its sustainability efforts in terms of improving environmental and social impact as well as furthering its future business.

One of the key strategies the company has identified in order to do this, as outlined in its latest annual sustainability report, is to increase the focus on creating healthier products.

CB Foods believes that research and development is the key to success [efficiently] Leveraging science, technology, and innovation to develop nutritious foods for consumers of all ages,”CB Foods Executive Vice President, Product Research and Development, Head of Ambition – Sustainable Food, said Dr. Sumi Tashirinogon.

Unhealthy food causes eight million premature deaths worldwide each year and is expected to cause a global economic crisis as a result of increased healthcare costs related to non-communicable diseases, estimated at more than US$1.3 trillion annually by 2030.

“In Thailand alone, the public sector spends 302.4 billion baht (8.5 billion US dollars) annually on the treatment of non-communicable diseases. [and CP Foods believes that a key way to] Mitigating and solving this problem by developing nutritional products with high nutritional value that meet the requirements of consumers of all ages.”

The company has a goal for 2030 to develop 50% of all its new products in Thailand to be healthier and more nutritious than existing products.

“Some examples include chicken products that have had sodium reduced to less than 600 mg per serving, and saturated fat to no more than 3 grams per serving, depending on the product,”He said.

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