Clean label and positive nutrition are critical to consumers in 2023

Clean label and positive nutrition are critical to consumers in 2023

The health and wellness trend has been on the rise in the food and beverage sector over the past few years, and has accelerated even more since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Moving into 2023, industry experts are confident that this trend will continue to guide consumer purchasing decisions, with a particular focus on clean label and positive nutrition claims attracting significant interest especially in large markets.

“A recent survey showed that nearly 60% of consumers in Asia place a significant import on clean label products, saying this has a fair to a significant impact on their purchasing decisions,”Nicole Jansen, Innova Markets Team Manager, Insights and Innovation, said at the recent Fi Asia-Vitafoods event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Within this, the fastest growing claims on clean labels in the region are claims that the product is natural (11%), that there are no additives or preservatives added (9%) and that it is GMO-free (5%).

“This is particularly important in large markets in Asia where we also found that consumers in these markets were the most likely to check product labels, i.e. India (77%), Indonesia (69%) and China (69%) all showed scores above the global average. The adult is 58%.

“The clean label trend has evolved somewhat over the past few years, moving from initial requirements that are natural and additive-free to simple processing as well, with a short ingredient list, providing transparency in the supply chain and also being ethical in its production – and it is likely that This will continue into the near future.”

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