Claudia Winkelmann’s Daily Diet: Find out what foods the host avoids precisely

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Claudia Winkelmann She may look just as well coordinated in her glamorous outfits and flawless makeup as she presents Strictly come dance side by side Tess Dalybut Minutes before the show started, she probably had a bite of junk food and a diet cola. Who would have thought that?!

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It seems that the presenter has More food quirks From the star Tess – Including avoiding water, caffeine and even sugar — so we can’t help but wonder if she passed any of it on to her husband, Chris Thecker, and their three children Jake, Matilda, and Arthur! Keep reading to see what Claudia eats per day…

What does Claudia Winkelmann eat for breakfast?

The strict hostess admitted that her morning routine includes Diet Seven Up!

Claudia hasn’t said much about her favorite breakfast foods, aside from admitting it Marie Claire What is the morning and evening routine? 7Up Diet, Eggs and Bacon. Hopefully it won’t be in this order!

On Christmas Day, Claudia indulges like the rest of us. “I love to eat butter brandy on toast every morning – I can’t recommend it enough – And then you’ll have a pre-lunch snack of 20 After Eats followed by a handful of Quality Street.” Barber In 2019. Not particularly healthy, but it looks delicious.

What does Claudia Winckelmann eat for lunch?

Claudia shared a look at her delicious afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason

Lunch is Claudia’s most traditional meal of the day, with her favorites including a Caesar salad and a toasted cheese sandwich – and she also loves the latter as a late-night snack!

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Talking to pass In 2017, she said: “The toasted cheese sandwich blows my mind. I can live on avocados.” So maybe avocados on toast are on the menu occasionally.

When she has a break from work, a mother of three might skip lunch and prefer afternoon tea. Sharing a photo on Instagram of a selection of delicious Fortnum and Mason’s cupcakes, she joked, “Best meal on earth. Fortnum’s tea parlor. I never leave. Come find me.” You don’t have to tell us twice!

What does Claudia Winkelmann eat for dinner?

Claudia and Tess often share a strictly before or after takeaway

With their busy schedules strictlyAnd the Tess and Claudia don’t have time for healthy homemade meals, so they often turn to takeaways instead. Claudia was photographed holding a plastic container minutes before the start of the second week of the 2020 show!

Talking to red magazine In 2016, Claudia revealed that she regularly goes to Tess’ dressing room for a post-show dinner: “We always get takeaway after filming,” she said. “Mostly Domino’s but I’ve been known to eat four filet-o-fish from McDonald’s!” All with a can of 7Up or Coca-Cola, of course.

How amazing is her four-course meal?

But her takeout looks great too, if you ask us! During a trip to Iceland, the 48-year-old gave fans a sneak peek into her amazing vacation diet. She captioned the photos: “I don’t know what’s going on but here we are. I’ve never photographed food before but that’s not normal.

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“Crunchy stuff (someone mentioned cod), best butter I’ve ever had (whipped, I’m not kidding), coconut with crab (must ruin the soul, made us do a dance) and finally some ginger and licorice fudge served on real rock. I never come home. (Is this the time to point out that we drank a little wine) at night. And Iceland married me. X”

What snacks does Claudia Winkelmann eat?

This is a slightly trickier question to answer since Tess previously revealed that her co-star avoids caffeine and sugar, but Claudia suggested otherwise!

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talk with metro In 2019, Tess said, “Claudia doesn’t eat sugar. But that might not surprise you. It’s like the opposite polarity to me. I always have a bag of Haribo somewhere about my person.” I’ve never seen her eat candy. However, you will eat the cake.”

Meanwhile, I also posed with Chocolate covered biscuits, classic caprese wafer, and licorice torpedoes glass jars.. I told Get the shine In 2017: “I’ve given up sugar, but I wake up most days and say ‘I’m not eating sugar today,’ and as I grab my Mars rod at 4 p.m. I go, ‘Oh, that has sugar in he-she’!” We all We were there!

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