Chris Hemsworth and Andrew Sugerman feel inspired

Chris Hemsworth and Andrew Sugerman feel inspired

Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, the god of hammer-welding the avengers in Norse mythology, and founder of the health and fitness platform Centerand Andrew Sugerman, former executive vice president of Disney and new CEO of Centr, are feeling inspired — with the capital of I.

The duo told me they feel more Centr’d than ever after uniting with their at-home strength equipment brand, fitness inspirationand they can’t stop talking about the platform’s newly launched lifestyle focus that connects several areas of public health, including nutrition, fitness and mental health – what Sugerman refers to as a “user life coach available to help them make the best choices.” “.

The new CEO says he can’t wait to start enhancing and expanding Centr’s portfolio of digital content, equipment and health products.

“During my career, I’ve had the opportunity to build some of the world’s largest franchises covering Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and Pixar for a global audience through award-winning content and quality consumer products,” Sugerman explains. “Combining this experience in partnership with Chris to build the Centr brand into the global platform for a healthier, happier world was something I couldn’t miss.”

Hemsworth is similarly enthusiastic, and shares that “Andrew’s experience and vision is a perfect fit for Centr and I’m very excited for him to help us continue to grow in a dynamic way.”

It’s clear that a world-renowned storyteller joins forces with the most powerful avenger who will forge a partnership for the fitness world’s dreams. I myself love to be a fly on the wall in content strategy meetings.

And while Sugerman had never met Hemsworth during his time at Disney, his team crafted stories that brought the actor and the universe of Thor to readers and consumers around the world, and their destiny was a cross.

“since then [at Disney] I appreciated Chris’ perspective on health and wellness, not just for fitness but more broadly for nutrition, mental health and longevity. This holistic approach embraces the interconnected nature of the multiple pillars of wellness in leading a fuller, happier life. And through it all, and most importantly, I respect how Chris makes everything fun,” says Sugerman.

Not just the founder, but the poster child of Centr, and one of Hollywood’s leading men, Hemsworth’s physical transformations have become something of a Hollywood legend, with endless guides online dedicated to diet plans and workouts that help regular folks emulate his results.

And now they can.

“We all need support,” Hemsworth says. “This is the team that unlocked my potential and helped me live my happiest and healthiest life. Now my team is your team.”

Speaking of the team, Centr’s nutritionist, Angie Asche brought her unconventional dietary approach to the platform, emphasizing that it’s important to see nutritional goals from a wellness perspective rather than restrictive.

Asche, in addition to her role in Centr, is an institution Elite . Sports Nutrition He’s worked with hundreds of high school, college, and professional athletes across the country in the MLB, NFL, and NHL—and knows a thing or two about helping people achieve their nutritional goals.

“Learn how to incorporate foods and methods that work best for you personally, rather than the idea that you’re ‘on a diet now,’ which is definitely counterproductive,” she advises.

With the latest developments, Centr will enter a new category of wellness and launch the latest fitness equipment, powered by Inspire Fitness, and later this year Centr will launch the Fitness Essentials range, the brand’s number one product on the market, with continued expansion of digital content and equipment planned up to 2023.

Subscribers will have access to what Hemsworth refers to as “the tools and knowledge to live a healthy, happy life” and Sugerman, who will oversee the global integration and growth of Centr and Inspire Fitness, which were both acquired by High Post CapitalIt will undoubtedly add a brush of bright color to what looks to be the start of a fresh new lifestyle movement in health and fitness.

“We look forward to bringing this ideology to larger audiences around the world through new audio and casual content, storytelling and health hacks to help everyone move forward on their solo journey,” says Sugerman, who has worked on a number of social impact projects since leaving. Disneyand before joining Centr.

It’s clear that Centr’s new CEO is particularly excited about the latest batch of business— quite literally. On some level to him, it’s personal…

Ten years ago, Sugerman began a journey he referred to as “Reclaiming My Life,” when he committed to running a half marathon.

Since then, he has lost thirty pounds and completely changed his outlook on life. He’s run more than 30 marathons, marathons, triathlons, and Ironman events, and says he’s “never felt better” and has learned in the process that “fitness isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you feel.”

This spirit was of particular importance to him while raising a family amid all the “traditions” of the Hollywood lifestyle.

“It’s a challenge living in Hollywood where superficial looks seem to be the only thing that matters,” he says.

“A family has grown up in this environment, I have seen first-hand the impact this can have on children discovering their self-identity while fitting what looks like appearance on the intrinsic environment. This is why the mission at Centr is so important to helping people understand that holistic wellness It’s about happiness rather than superficiality.”

In the coming months, Centr says it will roll out new consumer products at major retailers and is expanding its platform across digital content, fitness accessories and health products to deliver exceptional value to Centr’s rapidly growing community.

The vision for the future, as underpinned by Hemsworth’s commitment to making health and fitness affordable and achievable, is to support a engaged community of members to advance their health and fitness goals and raise the bar for their lifestyles as they continue to learn and achieve their goals – through a holistic approach.

Sugerman is up to the challenge.

“Although two parts of the business (physical products and digital content) have been hugely successful, Centr’s story is still in its infancy,” he says.

“With millions of Centr downloads and Inspire Fitness strength training units sold to consumers around the world, we are in a very good position to enhance the Centr digital experience and innovate new fitness products while expanding into new health categories that include food and nutrition, mindfulness and fitness. As we look to The future, we will continue to build Life Program that connects multiple strands of wellness in a unique approach.”

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