Buchan Maa 2022: Childhood Obesity - A fact that must be addressed with a good diet

Buchan Maa 2022: Childhood Obesity – A fact that must be addressed with a good diet

Fat babies and children are very cute, but we ignore the first signs of obesity. In today’s world, children are exposed to advertisements and peer pressure very early in their lives. In addition, nuclear families, in which both parents work, leave little time for family meals or home-cooked meals. It is a common practice to order or make up for fast food. Excessive screen time, and lack of any physical activity is also increasing. This leads to an increase in obesity among children. Prevalence is 15% in India and among high-income groups – close to 35%. Obesity at a young age can have severe consequences with increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

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Prevention is better than cure. Childhood is a stage of learning, and it is important to teach a child healthy eating right from the start.

  • Walk the Talk: You can’t lecture kids and eat yourself unhealthy. As a parent, you need to start eating healthy until your child develops a sense of good food.
  • Cook at home with fresh ingredients. Exposing children to foods rich in salt, sugar and fat early in life puts a blue imprint on their taste center. Once they are used to artificial flavors and foods rich in sugar like packaged juices, desserts, fast foods and snacks, they will never accept the subtler flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be introduced early. Vegetables can be pureed and added to broths and soups as a starter. A bowl of fresh seasonal fruits on the table with dried nuts will help them make a healthy snack.
  • Hydration is very important for children. Water, fresh coconut water, traditional kanji, am panna, ragi kanji, made at home with a little sugar, will develop a craving for natural flavors versus sugar-filled drinks and sodas. Milk, lassi, chas is also a healthy drink.
  • While taking your child to school after school, you can carry snacks like nuts, homemade energy bars like mix peanuts, jaggery, almonds, cashews, figs, pilafuri with nuts, steamed corn, khana with chana, fruits with nut butter instead of snacks. HFSS on the go.
  • limit screen time; For this you also need to reduce your size. Content control is also important. Children pick up habits from audio-visual media very quickly.
  • Dedicated exercise time, you’d better accompany them as well. Family vacations can include trekking, biking and walking trips

If your child is overweight or obese, start all of the above right away. Keep the following in mind

  • Do not put your child on a “diet”. Childhood is a period of rapid growth, and it is crucial for a child to get all the nutrients needed for healthy organs and brain and body development.
  • Focus on balanced meals in general rather than specific nutrients. Each meal should contain all the major food groups.
  • Breakfast is a must, make sure your child eats a good breakfast.
  • Whole grains like oats, wheat, and unground rice should be used along with millet like sama, ragi and koto more often.
  • Sufficient healthy protein packages should be available. Legumes, eggs, eggs, chicken and fish can be cooked to make delicious meals.
  • Milk is essential for kids, use skim milk to make desserts like goodness, custard and homemade ice cream with little sugar.
  • Make some fruit popsicles or freeze fresh fruit juice
  • Fry instead of deep frying. Use an air fryer for cooking. Grill, bake to reduce oil intake.
  • Keep pantry clear of junk like cookies, namkeen and chips and ready to cook meals. Take your child shopping in fresh fruit/vegetable markets away from malls and stores.
  • Eat together so you can monitor portion sizes. It is also an opportunity to interact with your child and you will teach them social skills.
  • Meal times must be scheduled and the kitchen closed by 9 pm
  • Junk food and candy can sometimes be allowed in limited quantities, but don’t make it a prize.
  • A structured exercise program such as Zumba and dance is also beneficial for them.

Here are some healthy tiffin ideas. Many of these can be prepared over the weekend and used to save time.

Whole wheat taco with peppers, paneer/chicken and lassi

Whole wheat chapati rolls with rajma filling, green sauce and fruit milkshakes

Whole wheat/multigrain burger bun + fresh grilled paneer/chana dal/chicken patty, tomato and onion with fresh fruit juice.

Chana Dal Pulao / Chicken or Mutton Biryani + Mint Raita + Fruit

Multi Green Bagel + Peanut Butter + Fruits

Corn + Tomato + Paneer Tikka / Chicken Tikka + Fruit

Dealing with childhood obesity is a sensitive issue. We need to target holistic health and ensure holistic development while keeping the child away from physical shame and physiological stress.

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