Box Bistro in Berlin brings healthy, portioned and delicious meals to Greater Hartford - Hartford Courant

Box Bistro in Berlin brings healthy, portioned and delicious meals to Greater Hartford – Hartford Courant

It’s a challenge to achieve work-life balance, stay active in the gym, and eat healthy.

But for James Bannon, he saw an opportunity.

“While I was teaching, I saw the need to eat healthy and be prepared,” Bannon said. “People who have been spending their time in the gym and not seeing results as quickly as they would like.”

Bannon worked as a chef coach at Branford High School for 12 years and a CrossFit coach for 10 years. He grew up with a family that cooked most meals at home, and helped his grandfather eat dinner after school when he was young. He knew the macronutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Most of all, he wanted help.

“They didn’t have the time or knowledge to prepare meals for themselves to accelerate their health goals,” Bannon says. “I decided to do it full time, Establishing Box Bistro as a meal prep company serving gyms in the Central Connecticut area.”

When it comes to options, you have more than a few at Box Bistro.

“We have about 50 different meals and the menu rotates twice a week,” Bannon says. Six new meals on Sunday and five new meals on Thursday. The rotation takes about a month to see the same meals again.”

What kind of meal do you ask? You have the Peruvian chicken with peppers, onions, sweet potatoes and a yogurt sauce. spicy chicken tortilla with basmati rice; peppers stuffed with turkey with whipped feta sauce; beef stew over mashed potatoes in olive oil; BBQ Boneless Chicken with Broccoli Macaroni, Cheese, and Apple Salad; And spicy turkey with pumpkin.

“We want to give them variety so they don’t eat the same meal,” Bannon says. “We want to keep them interested. The last thing we want is for people to get tired of their meals.”

Box Bistro also caters to various dietary restrictions and options: Paleo, Whole 30, gluten-free (NGI), dairy-free (DF), and keto-friendly. Whether you are thinking of stopping by for a quick bite or ordering a subscription, you can serve meals as you wish.

Bannon, his wife and partner Holly watched what they put in their meals, too. “We are very selective about the ingredients we use. We don’t use any canola oil. We don’t use any soybeans. We exclude things like refined sugars or overly processed starches.”

Don’t miss the broths, smoothies, and scones, too!

Box Bistro opened its doors in 2015. However, its market has changed over the past seven years.

drink food

drink food


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“In the pre-pandemic period, 60% of our business was delivered online to gyms,” Bannon says. “We had about 20 different gyms that we handed over to her.”

However, gyms were one of the first businesses to close with the onset of COVID-19. Around 22% closed their doors Through the pandemic, many pioneers of gymnastics have turned to home or online workouts instead.

For Bannon, that meant Box Bistro had to move toward storefront orders and subscription. “Our storefront rebounded a bit. Definitely not the 60% we lost. It was a transformation.”

Box Bistro’s subscription service is incredibly customizable. You can choose how many meals you want to receive in a week, even if it is only one. You can choose meals that fit your diet and avoid meals that don’t suit you. There are lunches and dinners with customizable side dishes.

“We do some home delivery for people who order from our location,” Bannon says. “A lot of people buy it from our store too.”

Above all, Box Bistro has maintained its commitment to helping customers eat healthy food and achieve their health goals.

“I saw the need for healthy eating and preparation,” Bannon says. “People who have been spending their time in the gym and not seeing results as quickly as they would like. Box Bistro gives people that comfort factor, even if they know how to cook but don’t have the time or desire. Eating this way was natural and it shows people That there are other options.”

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