Bloomberg Philanthropic Fellowship for Vital Strategies for Healthy Food Policy 2023 for Emerging Leaders (Fully Funded)

Bloomberg Philanthropic Fellowship for Vital Strategies for Healthy Food Policy 2023 for Emerging Leaders (Fully Funded)

Application deadline: November 14, 2022

Bio-Strategies for Healthy Food Policy Fellowship It is an initiative to combat an important obstacle to addressing global obesity – the paucity of research expertise to guide national policies.

The fellowship, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, supports an outstanding doctorate. Candidates residing in Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico and South Africa and committed to pursuing an area of ​​study and research that will enable them to contribute to healthy food environments through public policy.

Strong preference is given to candidates who are committed to working in their country after completing their programme, and who demonstrate that they will apply their experience, skills and knowledge in disciplines such as health economics, nutritional epidemiology, marketing or health behaviour. Applicants who can establish their previous background or future interest in contributing to research of national importance are encouraged to apply.

Successful applicants are awarded a multi-year fellowship for the duration of the Ph.D. (up to four years) to support their studies at the best universities in their home country or abroad. Some recipients may combine study in their home country with supplementary courses in another country. Although candidates are in the process of applying, or already accepted, for a Ph.D. The next semester program can apply for the fellowship, and the award will only be disbursed to the applicant once they are registered for their Ph.D. The program has met all legal requirements.


The Healthy Food Policy Fellowship Program is open to candidates who meet the following selection criteria:

  • Residency in one of the countries of focus: Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico and South Africa. (“Residence” includes persons who are not citizens of a country and who have long-term residence in that country.)
  • Demonstrate commitment to improving public policy for a healthy food environment in their country of residence.
  • Currently applying, or has already been accepted, for a Ph.D. for the upcoming semester in a field that will allow them to contribute to healthy food environments through public policy – ​​health economics, nutritional epidemiology, marketing, health behavior, etc. – from a university that meets the required set of theoretical and practical coursework and field-based research.
  • Have a background in health food policy or experience in one of the above academic areas of interest.
  • No conflicts of interest, including no association with sugary drinks, ultra-processed foods, or the tobacco industry.


  • The scholarship will cover tuition fees, living expenses (rent only, local public transportation and utilities), health insurance (in most cases it should be a school-recommended plan and limited only to the fellow and not dependents), travel and one-time costs such as laptop, software and books.

How to apply:

Step 1: Check if you met selection criteria.

Step 2: Click here to download the application form.

Step 3: Ask two arbitrators to submit letters of recommendation in English to [email protected] With the subject “Recommendation Letter_Name of the Applicant_Country of Residence”. Messages Must be submitted directly by the referees before the application deadline. The referees should be very familiar with the candidate’s work and professional experience, and/or may be the current candidate or potential mentor.

The fourth step: Send the completed and signed application form along with the CV in English to [email protected] no later than midnight (New York time) November 14, 2022. Your CV should mention your academic background, research/work experiences, and academic publications and presentations.

for more information:

Visit the official webpage of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Vital Strategies Health Food Policy . Fellowship

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