Biotech company GenoPalate raises $5.6 million from investors

Biotech company GenoPalate raises $5.6 million from investors

MilwaukeeAnd the October 25 2022 /PRNewswire/ – GenoPalate, Inc., a Milwaukee-Based on nutritional genomics closed company in $5.6 million In investments in its current initial stage 10.6 million dollars Equity financing round. The funds will be used to grow and enhance GenoPalate’s product offerings to further assist customers with their personal nutritional needs.

GenoPalate: Eat for your genes

GenoPalate, the science-based nutritional genomics company, is paving the way in the personalized nutrition industry.

Founded in 2016 by Ye Cheri Chang, A Ph.D. Genetics and former professor of Medical College of WisconsinGenoPalate has steadily grown to become the leading provider of nutritional genetics Testing and analysis services for consumers seeking to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices. Using proprietary algorithms, GenoPalate interprets a customer’s DNA and develops a personalized nutritional analysis that provides them with a list of over 100 foods that are most beneficial to their health. It also reveals their genetic needs for 23 different nutrients, lactose and gluten sensitivities, how DNA affects mood and stress levels, and how quickly the body processes alcohol and caffeine.

GenoPalate offers a complement to DNA-based nutrition analysis Personal Supplements and one on one Online Nutrition Programs With certified nutritionists. The programs provide clients with a deeper understanding of their analytics and the opportunity to work with a professional to create an actionable plan to achieve their weight, diet, exercise, hydration and sleep goals.

“Your DNA is the way to find the foods and nutrients you need to implement in your diet to help you feel healthier. By combining nutritional genetics with telehealth, we empower people to access their genetic blueprint for their health optimum,” he said Sherry ChangFounder and CEO.

Along with the growth and enhancement of GenoPalate’s product offerings, the new funding will be used to improve the company’s mobile and web application and food health data platform. These improvements will provide more contextually-compliant, data-driven functionality of food as medicine to customers. It will also continue to support the development of unique research databases to address personalized nutrition, health and wellness and chronic metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

“At GenoPalate, we help our clients approach medicine through evidence-based nutrition. We know that eating the types of food your body prefers the most and getting the right kind and amount of nutrients you need can help prevent chronic metabolic diseases. Do This, one must personalize their nutrition. Genomics is our key to helping people understand how DNA affects their health and how personalized nutrition can lead to a healthier life,” Sherry Chang.

About GenoPalate

GenoPalate, Inc. Alami Nutrition Genomics Inc. is paving the way in personalized nutrition by offering revolutionary in-house DNA testing, online individualized nutrition programs led by registered dietitians, and personalized supplementation. Backed by evidence-based nutritional genomics research and DNA testing, GenoPalate enables people to reach their optimal health through personalized nutrition.

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