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Atkins Diet Review – Forbes Health

I tested the Atkins 40 diet plan for 1 week, eating prepared foods from their range of products as well as preparing some of my own meals following the directions.

I bought a bunch of frozen meals, shakes, bars, and chips, which I enjoyed as snacks or quick meals on the go. The food was easy to find at my local grocery store and affordable when compared to the other diet food brands lining the shelves.

After creating a free account on the Atkins website, I used a progress tracker to help log my food intake. I preferred to use the smartphone app over the desktop version, as it was more user-friendly and offered additional features — such as the ability to scan barcodes to track nutritional information. The app also made it easy to find recipe ideas.

I found the prepared food to be relatively satisfying, which made it easy to stick to the plan. I didn’t feel deprived or like I was on a “diet” most days of the week – which is a huge plus. I enjoyed protein shakes for breakfast, occasional frozen meals for lunch and dinner and assorted snacks throughout the day. The shake had a soft texture and wasn’t as chalky as some of the brands I’ve tried. I can easily drink a breakfast shake in the morning and make it to lunch without feeling hungry.

The portion sizes for frozen meals were a bit small, so in the middle of the day I was urging for a snack. However, the snacks – such as protein chips and meal bars – were satisfying and helped me survive until my next meal. I have been pleasantly surprised by the flavor of the products, as I have mostly had bad experiences with diet-friendly foods in the past.

When preparing my own meals, I initially found the instructions a bit confusing. I stuck to the recipes from the Atkins website and app because they followed specific nutritional requirements. After a few days of meal planning, I broke down and felt confident in my food choices.

The biggest drawback of the Atkins diet is the amount of cooking, meal planning, and advanced preparation, which takes a long time. If you don’t have the patience for that, prepared foods are a convenient option – but I personally don’t want to eat them regularly or rely on them in the long run. Some products are highly processed, which is what I try to avoid in my daily diet.

I recommend using the free Atkins tools and resources to help you get started, as they make the low carb diet more manageable. The app is particularly useful, as it takes the guesswork out of tracking food intake and progress. There is a lot of value in signing up for a free account, even if you haven’t purchased the products.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with pre-made food choices from a flavor perspective and have found the Atkins diet easy to follow – at least in the short term. In the long run, you should be willing to put the effort into meal planning and cook most of your dishes from scratch.

Since I only followed the diet for one week, I can’t speak to the long-term weight loss results. However, I did not experience any serious side effects from following the diet, such as headaches. While I experienced a bit of tiredness in the first few days, adding extra snacks helped alleviate that.

As with many diets, it’s about learning and making lifestyle changes – which takes time, effort and patience. The Atkins 100 plan offers maximum dietary freedom and is less restrictive than the other two plans, making it a better option if you’re looking to stick to the diet for the long term.

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