A new study has found that a plant-based diet rich in soy reduces menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes

A new study has found that a plant-based diet rich in soy reduces menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes

A vegetarian diet rich in soy has been found to reduce menopause Symptoms, especially hot flashesaccording to New study.

source: Doctors Committee / YouTube

The study published in the journal Menopause Society of North AmericaIt was found that a plant-based diet rich in soybeans is just as effective hormone An alternative treatment to reduce menopausal hot flashes, and has no associated health risks.

Study of women for the alleviation of vasomotor symptoms I found that not only a rich vegetarian diet soy Reduced hot flashes by 88 percent, but also helped women Weight loss.

The study was the second phase of a two-part experiment, the last of which was published in 2021. The first experiment was conducted in the fall, so to confirm whether or not the episodic improvement was related to cooler temperatures, they conducted the second experiment. Trial in the spring. They concluded that regardless of the outside temperature, the diet had the same benefit.

“We don’t fully understand why this blend works, but these three seem to be key – avoid animal products, reduce fat, and add a serving of soy,” Principal investigator Neil Bernard explainedD., MD, chair of the Physician Committee and assistant professor at the George Washington University School of Medicine. “Our results mirror diets in places in the world, such as westernized Japan and the modern Yucatan Peninsula, where a low-fat, plant-based diet including soybeans is prevalent and where postmenopausal women experience fewer symptoms.”

The study included 84 postmenopausal women who reported two or more hot flashes per day. They were assigned to either eat a low-fat vegan diet, including half a cup of cooked soy per day, or to a control group that made no changes in the diet for 12 weeks.

“This study demonstrates the effectiveness of dietary intervention in treating menopausal symptoms,” Dr. Barnard explains. In addition, it is diet specifically that is expected to reduce the health concerns of many women who reach menopause: an increased risk of heart diseaseAnd the breast cancerAnd the memory Problems.”

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