On-air radio host Jonathan Smith, aka T-Bone on 97.1 The Fan, lost 102 pounds last year and is standing outside next to the basketball hoop under the radio tower where employees sometimes play basketball.

97.1 Fan host Jonathan T. Boone Smith lost 102 lbs. Here’s how.

Jonathan Smith used to be terrified of going to the gym.

Convinced people would stare — or worse, laugh — if they saw a man pushing 400 pounds into the treadmill, he made every excuse not to go.

But that all changed last year after he had lunch with an old friend who weighed as much as Smith and now runs marathons. The radio talent decided he was tired – tired of being uncomfortable, tired of not being able to do the things he used to do so easily.

“I’m hot and sweaty and tired. Everything hurts,” Smith said, recalling how he felt during that meal and the short walk afterward.

Known as “T-Bone” to the thousands of sports fans who listen to “Common Man & T-Bone” on 97.1 fan (WBNS-FM) Every weekday afternoon from 3-6pm, he’s lost 102 pounds in the past year after committing to a more active lifestyle.

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