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7 steps to fuel your body

Food represents and provides many things: energy, nutrition, culture, celebration, pleasure and even medicine. Technically, food falls into five basic categories that we need in proper proportions to fuel our bodies for optimal health and wellness: macronutrients including carbohydrates, fats and proteins and micronutrients including vitamins and minerals.

Eating habits are important

We all witness the negative consequences of bad eating habits. The United States is one of unhealthy Countries of the world. With diet-related diseases such as heart disease and cancer being the number one cause of death (in the absence of a pandemic).

Good eating habits are the foundation of good nutrition, and nutrition is fundamental to our health and wellness. The benefits of proper nutrition are powerful: heart health, lowering blood pressure, lowering cancer risk, lowering cholesterol, managing weight, improving sleep, avoiding diabetes, strengthening bones and teeth, gut health, improving mood, and improving memory.

Emerging research shows that good nutrition along with lifestyle choices can counteract a genetic predisposition to a disease condition. Experts have a saying, “Genetics holds the gun, but environment pulls the trigger.”This means that if we have the genes, our environment, including our eating choices, may be the only thing standing between us and developing a chronic condition.

There is evidence that one can turn off a negative gene marker through positive lifestyle choices. This is really good news, indicating that we have a great influence on our stream And the future health.

However, the truth is that many people do not receive the nutrition their bodies require from the food they eat due to factors such as limited time, family restrictions, lack of rest, familiar habits, awareness, as well as taste preferences.

Have you heard the old saying: “You are what you eat”? This is half the truth. The whole truth is, “We are what we digest and assimilate.” Ideally, we receive the vast majority of our required macro and micro nutrients through the real, whole, natural and fresh food we eat.

For example, it is easier for your body to use vitamins and minerals that come from a balanced diet rather than supplements, according to a clinical professor. Emma Ling, Ph.D., RDN. The compounds in fruits and vegetables work synergistically to promote health and cannot be replicated in a dietary supplement.

Processed foods problem

Refined and processed foods, meaning altering their natural state, will never be as absorbable, digestible, and healthy as Mother Nature offers. Consider the relationship between the increase in Diet diseases And the evolution of our food chain. Less than 50 years ago, most food was locally sourced and was largely fresh, while today, most food is unsweetened, largely processed and full of additives.

Refined or processed foods generally involve removing fiber and nutrients while introducing spices and additives. why? The fibers are difficult to maintain, so they are removed to improve shelf stability. And spices, disproportionately from sugar and salt, lead to a preference for it the taste, drives the request. As we eat more processed and packaged foods that are high in these additives and devoid of fiber, this often leads to long-term nutritional gaps and poor health.

I think one of the reasons I used to constantly overeat was because my body was craving nutrients that it wasn’t always getting. The primary step for me in reversing my overeating was to switch to a vegan diet. Even though I didn’t plan to lose pounds, I started to lose weight by feeding my body more than it needed, making it easier to eat less.

7 steps to help fuel your body

Here are seven tips that lead to healthy eating habits. Pick what works for you and pick what works for you, repeat and be patient with yourself because any improvement in refueling is very beneficial.

1. Embrace moderation. All little bit from everything and not too much From anything, just One an exception …

2. Eat a lot of vegetables, every day! Variety as possible, as many colors as possible. The longest-lived populations around the world share a common nutritional characteristic – they all eat pretty much a whole plant-based diet.

3. focus on food, Not Nutrients. Focus on eating fresh (versus preserved), whole foods (versus refined), and natural (versus modified foods) whenever possible, and the nutrients will take care of themselves.

4. Eat what makes you happy. Remember to balance both immediacy And the happiness in the long term. Want a treat to delight your instant taste buds? Go ahead and indulge sometimes. Also consider your body because this healthy salad will make your body happy in the long run. Part of moderation is finding best balance Between happy now and happy later.

5. embracing bitter. Raw kale, spinach, kale and other leafy greens Superfoods It has a bitter taste that can be obtained. (Remember that there are likely to be items in your current diet that also acquired the tastes you chose for their nutrition, such as coffee, alcohol, raw oysters, sushi, and blue cheese.)

My quick way to gaining a taste of bitterness was to have a daily vegan smoothie that’s full of natural fiber, wholesome dietary fiber, and nutrition. It’s like drinking a healthy salad for breakfast every day. At first it was bad, then it’s tolerable and now fun! Find your own way of enduring bitterness, if not embracing it. To help you get started, here is my favorite Green Smoothie recipe:

green smoothie recipe

Cut, combine, and blend the following until smooth:

Five to six stalks of celery (remove any leaves)

Five to six inches of cucumber (English cucumber seeds are easier to digest)

• a handful of spinach

• One avocado

• 1 bunch green cabbage (can replace Swiss chard)

• a handful of turnip

• One bunch of coriander

• Part of a fresh whole or whole jalapeno pepper (to achieve the desired flavour)

• Water to achieve desired consistency (use 2 cups)

Personal preference: Include all stems for fiber, use organic, and substitute 1 cup of bone broth (reduce water by the same amount)

6. Make your environment work for You areNot against You are. Simply remove unwanted items from your environment and replace them with healthy options that will make your path to better eating habits a smoother journey.

7. Interact with a like-minded friend Who can support you, encourage accountability, and even allow you to vent when you feel challenged or set back. We all need cheerleaders to reach lasting change.

Nutritious And the Tasty

Healthy food is nutritious – and it can be delicious, too! Best wishes for developing better eating habits to support your daily performance.

Marshall Daneke runs the 2023 Boston Marathon to raise funds for massage therapy research and community service in honor of his daughter Jacquelyn, who died of breast cancer in early 2022. His column details his personal health journey, inspires massage therapists to live healthier lives, and promotes the Jacquelyn Project to raise funds for massage research and especially service projects Breast Cancer Society. visit Jacquelyn’s Project Home Page For a project overview, featured sponsor, and donation link.

Marshall and Jacqueline Daneke

About the author

Marshall Dahnick is the grateful husband of Michelle and the proud father of six wonderful children, a massage lover, former CEO of Performance Health, a 2016 Massage Hall of Fame inductee and aspiring endurance athlete finding his way to a better lifestyle. visit Jacquelyn’s Project Home Page For an overview of the project, featured sponsor, and donation link.]

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