20 Whole Wheat Biscuits (+ Healthy Recipes)

20 Whole Wheat Biscuits (+ Healthy Recipes)

From chewy oatmeal to decadent fudge, this Whole wheat biscuits It is a sinful appetite!

As the cold weather approaches, I find myself craving baked goods more and more.

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Occasionally, I choose whole wheat instead of all-purpose flour.

Soft chewy chocolate chip cookies on the baking rack

You know what they say, anything healthy in moderation!

But with one simple switch, you’ll have more nutrients in your cookies.

No need to sacrifice flavor for nutrition, these biscuits are delicious though!

Here are 20 of my favorite whole wheat cookie recipes.

Is there any way to go wrong with double chocolate cake? No way!

If you’re into a chewy, fudge, and chocolate cookie, look no further!

With chocolate chip cookie and chocolate chips, these cookies are irresistibly decadent.

Don’t miss out on the compulsory glass of milk!

Everyone has a favorite chocolate cake recipe! This whole wheat version may be your new favorite after just one bite.

Whole wheat flour has a more hearty texture than all-purpose flour.

But these are buttery and soft like a traditional chocolate chip cookie!

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The trick to making cookies is to pull them out when they start to turn golden brown.

Otherwise, they end up crunchy and not mushy.

Peanut butter cookies are super easy, and a fan favorite!

These whole wheat cookies have the sweet and savory flavors you love.

There are only six essential items in stock that are required for the perfect peanut butter cookies.

Go ahead and make a double batch and share cookies with the ones you love!

We won’t get into the philosophical debate about raisins or chocolate chips.

But we can definitely make a batch of soft, buttery oatmeal cookies in the meantime!

The hardest part about making oatmeal cookies is waiting for them to finish.

I love the combination of old-fashioned oats and whole wheat flour in this recipe!

Whether you like dried fruit or prefer candy bars, there’s no shame!

With autumn comes the season of apple picking! And everyone knows that apples and cinnamon go together in heaven.

You’ll love these cookies with a hint of sweet and sour apple in every bite!

The combination of oats, whole wheat flour and apple chunks is great!

For extra fall flavor, add some caramel chunks before baking too! Apple, caramel, cinnamon, anyone?

Crumbly butter cookies are an essential sweet treat during the holiday season.

This recipe is perfect for gifting, entertaining, or simply enjoying.

Whether it’s fancy shapes or simple rounds, buttercream cookies always bring a smile to my face.

It’s perfect for coffee, and it’s super easy to make!

In preparation for baking, make sure all ingredients are at room temperature.

This dough will help create bubbles for the crumbly cookie.

I have yet to find a snickerdoodle cookie that I can resist.

Whole Wheat, Low Carb, or Gluten Free: All Snickerdoodles are delicious for me!

There’s just something about this perfect balance of sugar and spice.

Everything Beautiful comes with the extra nutrients from the wholemeal flour in this recipe.

This recipe produces fluffy Snickerdoodles. Maybe not traditional, but absolutely delicious!

Crinkle cookies are the perfect dessert for your vegan friends.

Oh, and whole wheat flour adds protein, vitamins, and texture.

Enjoy the bar on the crunchy outside on the soft and smooth chocolate inside. These chewy cookies are the ultimate holiday treat!

Serve it to a family gathering, or make it for your loved one. Either way, the crowd will turn wild for these curly cookies!

For a very long time, I found myself afraid of gingerbread cookies.

Long gone are the days of intimidation with this healthy variation!

Spicy gingerbread is made from molasses, spices, and other types of bread.

With whole wheat flour and coconut oil, these foods are healthy, too!

They are perfect for decorating or assembling gingerbread houses or just snacking. You can’t go wrong with gingerbread.

Some people like oatmeal and raisin cookies. If you are one of those people, this recipe is the perfect way to make your own!

Warm spices, oats, healthy flour and the obligatory pile of raisins are included.

I’m talking soft oatmeal cookies, crumbled in your hand, flavored with oats.

This recipe is perfect for freezing dough and serving frozen cookies to friends! Who can say no to heating up cookies quickly?

If pumpkin can be put in bread, coffee, and pie, why not add crackers as well? Pumpkin cookies just fit the season!

With a bread-like texture, you can imagine how moist and fluffy these cookies can be.

That’s from pumpkin, sugar, and whole wheat flour in the recipe.

Sprinkle them with powdered sugar before serving and enjoy!

If you’ve ever helped Santa wear cookies late at night, you know the guilt.

Don’t worry, Santa’s sweet tooth will still be satisfied with these cookies!

Start with a little butter and flour, then fold into M&Ms, mixing gently with love. This recipe is so easy to make, kids will love helping out.

While this recipe features M&Ms, you can easily adjust your preferences.

Candy bars of any kind are always welcome in my cookies!

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this recipe now! Cranberry and white chocolate are a match made in heaven.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll be nibbling on a piece of heaven on Earth.

I’m talking about a soft, buttery cookie with chunks of fresh cranberries and white chocolate in every bite.

Using whole wheat pastry flour will result in softer biscuits.

Regular whole wheat flour is denser than its counterpart in pastry flour.

Bring back childhood memories with some delicious molasses biscuits.

Although molasses is less common than sugar, it is always delicious!

This recipe tells you to make a stiff dough with just a few ingredients.

Believe me when I say, these molasses cookies go as fast as you can take them out of the oven!

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for the chewy chocolate cake. Turn that into healthy cookies, and watch out!

Seriously, if you love cupcakes, you have to try this recipe!

With the texture of a cookie, it’s easy to eat two or three at a time.

Although it is difficult to leave them cold, they will keep their shape better after cooling.

Don’t worry, there are no monsters in these cookies. They are so delicious, that they will turn you into a cookie monster!

With Peanut Butter, M&Ms, and Chocolate Chunks in every bite, you know it’s delicious!

With whole wheat flour and rolled oats, there’s proof of health.

Imagine mixing all of your favorite cookies into one thick, sticky cookie. This cookie monster!

Red velvet is one of those distinct flavors that suit any occasion.

From backyard barbecues to wedding candy bars, these cookies don’t disappoint!

White whole wheat flour is used in these cookies to get a delicate grain texture in the cookies.

This with a light cocoa taste and white chocolate chips is perfection.

Simple as it gets, these shortbread cookies are too good to be missed.

This recipe only takes 30 minutes from start to finish! Oh, and it only has three components to assemble.

For an extra glow, dip cookies in melted chocolate before serving.

Ginger cookies are a delicious combination of molasses cookies and gingerbread. They are lacy, slim and worth it!

You will notice that the list of ingredients is longer than most cookies.

This is to strike the perfect balance between ginger, spice and light sweetness.

These cookies are the perfect holiday cookie! Sugar, spice and everything nice!

I ended this list with the most advanced cookies on this list. Biscotti is less than cake and more of a delicacy in my house.

This biscotti has the perfect crunch you want for a hot cup of coffee.

You can even dip it in melted chocolate for an extra sweet touch!

To make the biscuit, you actually need to bake the cookie dough twice.

First, as a large log, and then after it is cut into finger-like pieces.

Whole wheat biscuits

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