19 purple foods to add nutrition to your diet

19 purple foods to add nutrition to your diet

Feeling depressed? Then it’s time to add some purple foods to your diet!

Purple foods are beautiful but also powerful… and you’ll love them!

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Purple foods are often overlooked in favor of other colors. But this is a farce.

Not only are purple foods delicious, but they are extremely beneficial. This is because of the color purple!

Purple foods: Cabbage, radicchio, olives, kohlrabi, broccoli, onions, and artichokes.

These foods get their purple color from anthocyanins. It’s an antioxidant that’s like the secret service of your cells.

It protects everything. Hello health benefits!

Hearty, brain, mood, and purple foods help them all.

Below are 19 totally purple foods to try!

eggplant in basket

1. Eggplant

Go to the Middle East and Asia, and you’ll find plenty of eggplant-based dishes.

You’ll also find some of the longest-lived people on the planet.

Now, I am not saying that eating eggplant guarantees that you will become a centenarian.

But I’m not saying he won’t (wink). These purple plants are delicious and nutritious.

Eggplant is like a flavorful sponge, absorbing every spice it touches. They work in almost every savory dish.

As for the health benefits, eggplant has been shown to fight cancer and anemia.

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Eggplant also improves the health of your bones, heart and brain.

A bunch of purple turnips in a basket

2. Purple Kali

Holy cow, this vegetable is beautiful in purple! It is so beautifully lifelike that some people grow it just for decoration.

However, I recommend adding it to your weekly list.

Purple turnip has a strong flavor. It’s delicious, but you definitely need to balance it out with the other ingredients.

It tolerates all cooking methods well, but makes especially tasty chips.

And we all know kale is good for you.


3. Mangosteen

I suspect you’ve probably never eaten raw mangosteen before.

Though, you may have tried it in supplements and other products.

Despite its name, mangosteen has nothing to do with mangoes.

But it is equally delicious! Mangosteens are sweet and fresh with an almost peachy flavor.

Mangosteen is a powerful little fruit. It benefits your eyes, digestion, urinary tract, heart, energy, allergies, cholesterol, and skin.

Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

purple cauliflower

4. Purple cauliflower

Purple cauliflower tastes like regular cauliflower, but it’s definitely much nicer.

And it has twice the health benefits thanks to the purple color!

Purple cauliflower is higher in antioxidants than its white counterpart.

Therefore, if cauliflower is the main vegetable, use a mixture of colors.

purple grapes

5. Purple grapes

I love grapes in all shapes and sizes. For me, it’s a candy from nature, and I love the way it looks in my mouth. Also, I really like wine.

There are thousands, yes thousands, of purple grape varieties.

So, really, there could be an entire article on grapes alone. Each type differs in its nature as well as in its flavour.

However, they are all delicious! Some just need a little extra love, like those turned into jelly or wine.

purple potato

6. Purple Potato

Like purple cauliflower, purple potatoes taste very similar to regular potatoes.

But it does carry additional health benefits that are hard to miss.

Purple potatoes contain more antioxidants, so they are really disease fighters!

They work especially well in combination with other food colors, such as greens and yellows.


7. Elderberry

If you’re feeling a little under the weather, cranberries are your best friend.

Elderberries are absolutely bursting with health benefits, such as vitamins and antioxidants.

Therefore, it strengthens the immune system, protects your heart and fights stress.

They fight infection, flu, fever, constipation, and minor aches and pains.

They are literally medicine.

However, it is best not to eat them raw as they contain small amounts of cyanide.

And you can eat only berries and flowers, like everything else very toxic;

But elderberry makes delicious jams, jellies, wines, syrups, and desserts.

They are all cooked, so they are completely safe for consumption.


8. Teen

This delicious fruit is the star of the well-known cookie, but it’s so much more than that! It’s packed with delicious flavours, fun textures and lots of health benefits.

Figs taste sweet like honey. When dry, it’s practically candy!

They are beneficial for your bones, teeth, weight loss, immunity, weight loss, skin and hair.

purple carrots

9. Purple Carrots

Did you know that carrots come in rainbow colors? We know the classic orange carrots Bugs Bunny.

But it comes in shades of red, purple, yellow and white.

No carrot color is better than another.

Instead, they all have amazing health benefits and a variety of different antioxidants. So, if you can eat a mix, this is the best.

However, purple carrots are good for the heart, digestion, and inflammation.

Purple sweet potato

10. Purple Sweet Potato

There are actually three types of purple sweet potatoes. One has purple skin, the other has purple flesh, and the other has both!

The two most common types are staples in Hawaiian cuisine.

Purple sweet potatoes tend to have a deep, sweet, wine-like flavor. They take a while to cook, but they are well worth it!

purple cabbage

11. Purple cabbage

If you are on the cusp of needing cups, consider upping your intake of purple cabbage.

Purple cabbage (commonly called red cabbage) is a source of beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is great for eye health and function.

Plus, it contains the same anthocyanins as the other purple foods on this list. Therefore, it has a large number of benefits.

And it tastes great in cabbage salad!

purple asparagus

12. Purple Asparagus

If you’re not a fan of green asparagus, try purple asparagus. He’s a little sweeter than his fun green girlfriend. When cooked, it tastes a little like artichoke.

Purple asparagus is best enjoyed with simple accompaniments.

They just need a little oil, salt and pepper. In this way, its natural taste can shine through.

purple broccoli

13. Violet Cauliflower

Much like purple asparagus, purple broccoli is the sweeter brother of the broccoli family.

I’ll actually say he’s probably my favorite brother. It works harder than green broccoli, plus it’s nicer.

This purple vegetable really has it all.

purple artichoke

14. Purple Artichoke

Purple artichokes are delicious, healthy and delicious. It can be a meal on its own or a great side dish.

Purple artichoke is vital and full of fiber. So, they are the vegetables you need if you have gut issues.

lavender tea

15. Lavender tea

Sit back and relax with a steaming cup of lavender tea.

It is very easy to make, it is quite aesthetically pleasing, and it is very useful.

This magical tea relieves pain all over the body, from sprains to burns. That’s because lavender is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

It is often used to combat digestive issues, insomnia, and depression as well.

purple corn

16. Purple Corn

Purple corn is a wonderful little plant! Although sweet corn is more popular, purple corn has benefits that should not be overlooked.

Your eyes, kidneys, and blood pressure will thank you for taking it.

Research traditional Peruvian cuisine for the best ways to enjoy this delicious vegetable-like fruit.

Obi Jam

17. Obi

Ube sweets have broken into the internet and the world at large, and for good reason.

It’s a vibrant purple, tastes like heaven, and highlights Filipino culture.

Ube is a type of yam that comes from the Philippines.

It is highly nutritious and a great source of vitamins, potassium and resistant starch. Plus it’s very versatile!

You’ll find ube dishes from pancakes to brownies to pierogies (yay for fusion dishes).

passion fruit

18. Passion fruit

Passion fruit is one of my favorite fruits because it is wonderfully tropical. It’s sweet, tart, and insanely delicious.

Don’t judge a passion fruit by its peel. The outside of the ripe passion fruit is purple, wrinkled and ugly.

But the insides? Insides are pure and liquid gold. I love using passion fruit in everything, like cocktails, curds, ice cream and more!

They are also full of antioxidants that benefit your body from the inside out.


19. Blackberry

I end this list strong! Blackberries may not be as popular as blackberries, but they should be.

Each small pill is packed with vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants. Plus, it’s low in sugar and calories. They are really superfood!

It’s rich, tart, sweet, and totally heavenly. It tastes great on salads or in cakes and many other things. Talk about diversity!

purple foods

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