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10 healthy and unique Diwali gift ideas that you can exchange for Mithai

Diwali It is known to be a festive occasion, one of love, lights and gifts. Mitai and sweets are gifts that most people go with, but it’s up to you to break the monotony and do something unique. This Diwali, avoid the unhealthy foods you buy from the store and instead offer your loved ones something healthy and delicious.

Here is the list of dietitian Garima Goyal of 10 healthy and unique Diwali gift ideas that will make you special and enable you to inculcate positive eating habits.

  1. millet flour jars

Why just share chocolate and meth when you can serve something healthy instead? Make homemade millet flour from different types of millet grains and share it with your loved ones along with a delicious and easy to prepare recipe. millet Rich in fibre, protein and many vitamins and minerals, it is also part of our traditional diet.

  1. green gift

Make this Diwali greener by gifting little leaves to your loved ones. Small greens are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals. They bring many health benefits and are also incredibly tasty.

  1. herbal tea set

Herbal teas such as peppermint and chamomile tea tea They contain bioactive compounds such as polyphenols, which help the body fight many diseases. To be more indulgent, you can even offer your loved ones a beautiful tea set with herbal tea.

  1. health jars

We all love snacking – but this Diwali, it makes the habit even healthier. Fill the jars with a variety of seeds such as pumpkin seeds and flax seeds chia seedsAnd share these jars with your loved ones. The seeds contain good fats like MUFA and PUFA and are also rich in fiber.

  1. Dried fruits and nuts

When you share dried fruits and nuts, you’re not only sharing boxes of love, but nutrition as well. Almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, and walnuts are excellent sources of good fats, and they also keep your heart healthy. Contains dried berries Antioxidants And it has effects that prevent disease. Perhaps, mix dried berries with some dark chocolate chips if you want to be a little indulgent.

  1. fruit basket

If you have a long to-do list this holiday season and you’re in a hurry, fruit baskets are your lifesaver. These natural sugars are good alternatives to meth. Fruits contain essential ingredients vitaminsminerals and fibres. Let these baskets symbolize your love and concern towards your nearest and dearest.

  1. Homemade foods

A way to spread love this Diwali is by putting effort and time into your gifts. This year, go ahead by getting ready Tasty The good stuff in the house. You can make delicious desserts and treats that are free of fats and preservatives.

  1. Make your own mix

We all have our own Grandma’s signature recipe and now it’s time to share it. Make your own traditional spice blend for curry or something interesting cake Mix dry ingredients and share them with different recipes that can be used.

  1. golkand jars

gulkind Made with dried and preserved rose petals. They are solutions to many problems such as mouth ulcers, body heat, acidity and ulcers. It can be useful after overeating Diwali fried food.

  1. Packages of date or almond chocolate covered with chocolate

Consider gifting these delicious healthy and delicious chocolate-covered assortments. It’s up to you to grow healthy Snack And inspire others to do the same.

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