10 Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat (and How to Avoid Them)

10 Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat (and How to Avoid Them)

Make sure to avoid diet mistakes that make you fat.

These were selected and explained by Gravity Transformation. Check them out on YouTube.

The video covers the following points in great detail. If you want to lose fat make sure you choose and apply these principles.

  • Meal frequency
  • Make the diet as complex as you like
  • Taking a weekend
  • Diet mistakes
  • fad diet
  • Not drinking enough water

10 Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat

These are the 10 worst diet mistakes that make losing fat more difficult. If you’re wondering why you’re not losing stubborn fat, you’re most likely making at least one of these mistakes. Avoid these common weight loss mistakes and discover the truth behind these fat loss myths you’ve been believing for so long.”

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“You can exercise as much as you want, but you won’t burn fat if you don’t focus on what you eat and how much you eat.”

“Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusing and contradictory information out there, so it is easy to make some common mistakes when preparing your own fat loss diet plan. So today I want to go over 10 of these major diet mistakes that you will want to avoid because they make it difficult for you to lose fat. “.

Worst Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat – No. 1

“The number one mistake that makes you waste a lot of energy and time preparing an unnecessary meal is this misconception that you need to eat a large number of small meals throughout the day to support your metabolism and burn fat effectively.”

“That’s why most fitness meal plans require 5-6 meals a day. Like I said, the people who recommend a high meal frequency strategy claim that it keeps your metabolic rate high because you keep feeding the fire constantly and this supports weight loss.”

But is that true? Well, the answer is no. The meta-analysis concluded that “there is no difference between gnawing and gorging when it comes to eating and spending 24 calories.” (10)”

“In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you eat a lot or a few meals a day – as long as you consume the same amount of food, the effect on your metabolism and on your body fat will be the same.”

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Furthermore, eating more frequently may make it more difficult to lose weight. This is because, as research from the University of Hawaii found, “eating frequency was positively related to energy intake.” (1) This does not necessarily mean that eating more often will result in weight gain specifically and that eating less will result in weight loss. It largely depends on what works for you.”

“But if you find it difficult to lose weight and eat many meals several times a day, you may want to try reducing the number of meals and see if that helps you better control your calories.”

Worst Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat – No. 2

“The next big mistake that keeps people from even starting to change their diet is focusing too much on the details and not enough on the big picture.”

“Losing weight and burning fat is simple on paper. You just take in fewer calories than you burn and you’ll throw kilograms off the scale. But despite its simplicity, you can make dieting as complex as you want.”

“For example, beginners may wonder whether or not they should eat organic. Whether broccoli is better for weight loss than cauliflower. Or is it better to boil the vegetables or eat them raw. Sure, these are interesting questions. But in the grand scheme For things, it will have very little or no effect on weight loss results at all.”

“Many people get lost and drowned out as they start to focus more and more on somewhat nonessential details. Should you eat red meat or white meat? How long should you have a protein drink after a workout? What is the best time of day to eat carbohydrates?”

“Of course, it’s okay to ask these questions but don’t let such little things distract you from the bigger picture. Two key big picture tips to follow as your guiding North Stars are that you should be in a calorie deficit and make sure you are eating enough protein every day.

Nutritional foods for a healthy diet Learn how to lose fat Good foods to eat before bedsource: Brock Lark on Unsplash

“If you can follow these two big pictures, you will burn fat and improve your body composition. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with the details because there is enough mismatch information to make your head spin from vegetarian to carnivore to diet and low carb to low fat, and you will be lost and stuck in a paralysis Analysis. You have to understand that any diet can work as long as it works for you.”

Worst Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat – No. 3

Another common myth about the diet is the misconception that you have to eat a lot of fat and a low amount of carbohydrates to burn fat. For many people, paleo and keto diet plans can be very effective for weight loss.”

“One of the reasons for this is that you are limiting your carbohydrates, which are one of the most over-consumed macronutrients. Now, where many low-carb dieters get it wrong is that they think that the more fat they eat, the more fat they lose. The foundation The rationale behind this is that studies show that consuming more fat increases fat oxidation in the body, which is certainly true.However, for people who only drink MCT oils, and add tablespoons of coconut oil to their coffee every morning, what they fail to His realization is that burning body fat and burning dietary fat are two different things. Just because your body burns more fat you eat for fuel doesn’t.”

Check the video for the rest of the info and all the bugs.

Video – The worst diet mistakes that make you fat

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  • 5:09 Taking the weekend
  • 7:50 Diet mistakes
  • 10:15 Fad diets
  • 11:22 Not drinking enough water

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